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Playlists Ben Liebrand du samedi 11 février 2023

11h :

Snap! - Who Stole it

Prince - Cream

Adeva - It Should Have Been Me

Dee-Lite - Good Beat

Eric B + Rakim - No Omega

Patrick Cowley - Tech-no-logical World

Rick James - Glow

Madonna - Rescue Me

Gerald Aston - Activated

Seal - Killer

Hithouse - Jack To The Sound (Acid Mix)

My Mine - Hypnotic Tango

19h :

Dr Felix - Relax Your Body

KLF - What Time Is Love

Fatima Rainey - Love Is A Wonderful Thing (Acap)

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy

Koto - Dragon's Legend Hustlers

Convention - Just Can't Give It Up (Acap)

My Mine - Hypnotic Tango

Double You - Please Don't Go

Mc Hammer - Dancin' Machine

Shawn Christopher - Don't Lose The Magic

Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus

Maria Vidal - Body Rock

DNA - La Serenissima

22h :

Class Sick Stuff - I Want You

Soul II Soul - Back To Life (acap)

Starjunk 95 - Stardust

Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother For Ya (acap)

Dr PAcker & Sonic Soul Orchestra - You're The One For Me

Scptt Diaz - I Sold My Soul

Demuja - Together

Rick James - Superfreak (acap)

Ant Schillaci Mr Maph - Found - Extended Mix

Zefer - All Night

Herb Alpert & Janet Jackson - Diamonds (acap)

Hurlee - Kiss Of Fire

Powerhouse ft. Duane Harden - I Got What U Need

Tom Tronix & Demarkus Lewis - Way Back

Daniel Steinberg - Brain Storm

FDF Italy - Cityscape

Fafa Monteco ft. DJ Fex - A 2 Jack House (acap)

Reza Martin Wright - Feel It Moving Underground

Applefunk ft. Alexis - Can't Fake The Feeling (acap)

23h :

Daft Punk-One More Time-ASIL House Rework

Zack Le Nez Evenson Allen Ratpack -Summer Lovin-Extended Mix

Frankie Knuckles Directors Cut Eric Kupper-The Whistle Song-Cinthie Extended Remix

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (acap)

DJ Gomi Karmina Dai-Free Yourself-Main Mix

Anthony Attalla-Tonight-Extended Mix

Jo Paciello-Do You Like It-Original Mix

Wham - Everything She Wants (acap)

B S Concept-It s So Good EP -Lily Pop From Opale Coast Mix

LIL Louis - Lonely People (acap)

Fran Bortolossi Caio Busetti-Un Pasito-Original Mix

Stefanic-You Don t Love Me-Original Mix

The Catcher Paolo Faz-Crunch The Disco EP -Turn Me Again

Instant Funk - Got My Mind Made Up (acap)

Dim Flo-On My Mind-Intro Clean

Shy Baboon Maejor-All We Got-Orignal Mix

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