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LE BON MIX moves the world with DYNAMIC, the new Electro channel


In an international expansion initiative, the French radio station LE BON MIX has just launched his channel DYNAMIC on the DAB+ band in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia and affects 8 million inhabitants. This new radio offering, focused on 100% electro programming, is also accessible all over the world thanks to application mobile compatible CarPlay and Android Auto. But also online on the site

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An innovative musical journey:


DYNAMIC offers a unique experience, merging the classics of electro from the last 40 years with current titles. A rich and varied programming that skillfully mixes electronic sounds, but not only. DYNAMIC stands out not only for its sound quality but also for its diverse content, including cult titles, collectors' items and the latest releases.



A modern App:


DYNAMIC is accessible anywhere in the world thanks to the LE BON MIX mobile application compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto. The application also provides access to other thematic channels, including the REMIX 80s & 90s which only programs remixes, mashups and untraceable versions from these 2 decades. The application allows you to create favorite lists, castin Chromecast and fall asleep to music with the SleepTimer function. In the car, connectivity is perfect in CarPlay and Android Auto with the sending of titles, album name, year of release, label (for DYNAMIC) and covers.



DAB+ coverage of 3 major cities in Spain:


- Barcelona: broadcast from the Collserola Tower, an emblematic site built for the 1992 Olympic Games offering a reach to 2.5 million inhabitants

- Madrid: 3 strategic broadcast sites covering the entire capital and 4 million inhabitants

- Valencia: an extended reach over 100 km of coastline, affecting an urban area of 1.5 million inhabitants

A voice sound design in Spanish :


DYNAMIC's sonic identity is reinforced by the voice of Toulouse podcaster Milia Legasa, while maintaining an authentic French touch through certain jingles and Milia's accent.




LE BON MIX, a radio station based in Toulouse, is recognized for its commitment to musical quality. With the launch of DYNAMIC, LE BON MIX confirms its desire to move forward and conquer new listeners thanks to quality electronic music.


Whether it is en Spain or elsewhere, DYNAMIC can be listened to everywhere, because there are no borders when it comes to moving the world.

Press Contact:


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