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I created Le Bon Mix with a lot of pleasure and passion.


I bring to life 5 radio channels that follow your current mood.

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Le Bon Mix: an adventure combining a new challenge and overflowing passion

At the genesis of this project, Pierre Denjean, entrepreneur in the field of sound and light technologies for more than 30 years, founder of the company HITMUSIC. In addition to this entrepreneurial adventure, the desire was to continue to keep the flame of transmitting emotions alive through music but in a different way.

Pierre Denjean returned to his first love: radio, by creating Le Bon Mix. A mostly self-financed and advertising-free radio station which has been broadcasting 24 hours a day on the web for more than three years, on DAB+ on the Côte d'Azur since August 1, 2022, on FM 97.9 on the Basque coast since September 2023 and in several cities in Spain in DAB+.

From the small mixing table offered by his parents for his 17th birthday to the creation of Bon Mix in April 2020: the path will have been placed under the sign of the desire to please oneself and to please all amateurs radio format.


A radio that gives pride of place to eclecticism and discovery

In a radio universe made up of more than 200,000 web radios around the world and 5,000 in France: what else does Le Bon Mix bring?

The answer can be summed up in 3 words: energy, craftsmanship, diversity. For the dedication of Pierre Denjean for this project and the daily dynamism that he integrates into it first, for the desire to offer work carried out like that of an artisan, a goldsmith of sound, keen to use and distribute quality products.

Then, for diversity: because on the Bon Mix airwaves we give pride of place to various genres, eras and musical styles.

Funk, Disco, Jazz, Electro, Soul, Rock, Reggae, Pop, World… There’s something for everyone!

The objective? Promote music in all its forms!

4 channels are to be listened to according to the moods of the day

“Le Bon Mix” the main channel which concentrates the largest selection and “Soft” the channel for slow rhythms, perfect for concentration or teleworking days.

"Cinema" is a channel that only plays music from films and series, edited like an endless film and calibrated to generate emotions. Only on soft rhythms.

A fourth channel only plays remixed versions of titles from the 80s and 90s (and sometimes a little before or a little after).

The DYNAMIC channel broadcasts fast rhythms in a quality electro style. The flagship titles of the last 40 years and the new releases are on the program.

And Le Poste Parisien, a radio station from the partner capital, is also broadcast on Le Bon Mix in addition to its universe


A project for the future to be found wherever you are

With its founder's library of more than 70,000 titles, constantly updated, Le Bon Mix has good times ahead of it. And the world of radio too! In 2023, 84% of French people listen to the radio and 20% do so digitally, a figure increasing year after year!


Don't wait any longer!

To listen and take part in the passionate adventure of the Le Bon Mix concept, several key locations: the website, the mobile application available on Android and iOS and since August 1, 2022 on DAB+ on the Côte d'Azur on the the Menton St-Tropez axis (via Monaco, Nice and Cannes, i.e. more than 1 million potential listeners and 5 million in season).

Since the start of the 2023 school year, Le Bon Mix has had an FM frequency (97.9) which covers the Basque coast from San Sebastián to Hossegor.

Le Bon Mix also broadcasts in certain cities in Spain in DAB+: Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Murcia, Albacete, Seville, Valencia, Tenerife and San Sebastian (more than 10 million inhabitants receive Le Bon Mix on DAB+).

The DYNAMIC channel has also been broadcast in DAB+ in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia since January 2024.

Contact me, I would be very happy to have your comments or suggestions.

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