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Submit your song to Le Bon Mix!


Are you an artist? I chose to work with the French site Groover, which will allow you to submit your tracks to me.

Why ? Because today, my e-mail box is saturated with requests and it is no longer possible for me to follow all this under good conditions. I get too many requests and some tracks don't match my project's register at all. Messenger it's the same, I can't follow anymore...

In order to be more efficient and save time, Groover allows me to structure my listening and do it in good conditions. For you, this is an opportunity to better target the radios and to get constructive feedback from me (or from the other radios you have targeted).

Yes it pays... But not very expensive (2 euros per radio), it's much less than 40 years ago when you had to send a K7 by post to each radio to promote it. Promotion to the media is important to make yourself known.

Groover is a great team working in this direction and this is an opportunity for you to target many radio stations according to the style of your song. For my part, the partnership with Groover commits me to give you written feedback and the goal is, if I like, to program you on my radios. Thanks.

Click on the banner to access Groover: 

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