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LE BON MIX: a radio station that gives pride of place to eclecticism and discovery .


Created 4 years ago by Pierre DENJEAN and mainly self-financed, LE BON MIX could be the alternative to your usual radio station. Deliberately eclectic, it brings together predominantly Soul, Funk and Disco titles but also Rock, Pop, Reggae and World from the last 60 years, without advertising.





What more does LE BON MIX bring?


The answer can be summed up in 3 words: energy, craftsmanship, diversity. For the dedication of Pierre DENJEAN for this project and the daily dynamism that he integrates into it first, for the desire to offer work carried out like that of an artisan, a goldsmith of sound, keen to use and distribute quality products.

LE BON MIX, audiophile sound in 1411 Kbps 16-bit Flac:


Find all the subtleties of the music and the depth of sound at low revs as well as at high revs. The details stand out, the sound seems fuller, more airy and that changes everything. More info HERE



A free mobile application with 6 channels :



FM and DAB+ broadcast:


- On FM on 97.9: throughout the Basque coast from San Sebastian to Hossegor

- In DAB+: Annemasse, Bayonne, Nice, Monaco, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Barcelona, Madrid, Albacete, Murcia, Alicante, San Sebastian, Seville, Valencia and Tenerife.



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